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RaisingFlexing the testicles


Originally Posted by dtwarren1942
I have never carefully observed it, but when I Kegel I can feel my testicles rise a bit. I will ask my wife to closely observe tonight and report back.

I have tried using a strap around my scrotum a few times but it always becomes too irritated after eight hours or so. I have tried pumping them which enlarges the sack for a week or so, but I have read that the effects of pumping are never permanent, Alrdybig, do you have any experience with ball pumping.

No I do not. I use the ‘Pumptoys Ball Ringer kit’ instead. You can read all about them in the thread they are discussed by clicking on “Favorites” under my post, the clicking on the thread inside the “Ball Sac Stretching” folder on the left.

Originally Posted by westla90069

Not many men can voluntarily move their testicles up and down. There’s no benefit to doing it except for entertainment value.

I’ve read somewhere that certain people develop stronger cremaster muscle due to the nature of their job, i.e. surrounding they work in. For example, someone who repairs cold storages will have very strong cremaster muscle because it pulls the testicles up closer to the body for prolonged amounts of time on a daily basis. You’ve guess it, it’s because of constant exposure to low temperatures.

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

There is a user named busterjbb on the website that has a video of himself doing exactly what is described in this thread.

The video is called “up and down” and the guy has quite exceptional low hangers. His is control is amazing, with testicle travel of perhaps three inches up and down.

I visit the site occasionally for educational purposes. :)



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