Raging pulsing night wood and limp next morning?

Well I have a weird situation I have been having really good EQ for weeks even months no problems at all. Last night I had trouble sleeping due to morons playing loud music at a junior college campus parking lot across the street at 11:30pm. I called the cops they finally came and shut them down at 12 midnight. I finally went to sleep I then woke at 4am with such a hard night wood I was amazed it was throbbing with each heart beat I was thinking dam this is nice. This was hardest I have ever felt my penis be about as hard as with a good cock ring on.

Well anyways I feel back asleep and woke at 6am as I normally have so I can make lunch for work. I then proceeded with PE warm up and completed that began to lightly stroke for erection for jelqing and boom limp as a cooked noodle. I can not make an erection even if my life depended on it. I don’t think I injured myself because yesterday I did PE with the usual great EQ. I guess my question is can the slight lack of sleep caused me to have a crap EQ day, or can the super hard night wood that wok me up at 4am caused me to have a down EQ day or a combination of both?

I know this is a dumb question but this never happened to me ever. I normally get 8 hours of sleep a night, last night just barely 6 hours in my bed who knows how much of it was actual sleep. I feel like i am turtled too its like my penis is hiding. I should not even try my PE today I assume because no erection even as I am getting ready to walk out the door I cant get hard not even semi hard this sucks. I know it is probably just a fatigue thing but as we know we are all sensitive to this PE stuff. If a beautiful women asked me right now to nail her I would not be able to sadly. Well I will update here if and when I regain my EQ I am taking a day or two off PE just for safety.