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Originally Posted by iamaru

Penis size is tied directly to specific genetic markers for melanin production.

I liked this part the most, especially considering the writer’s medical knowledge. :chuckle:

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

I do have some medical knowledge, just surprised that nobody pointed out that I am of northern European descent…

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Why we are so hung up with race

Penis smith,

The races are already mingling together. Infact people of different races have always had Children together. Look at the classification - Caucassion. Now this includes people with vastly different skin tones and hair colours. the Celts of Northern Europe apparently had black hair. Now no doubt when various people like the saxons came along with blonde hair the celts considered them a vastly different sort of people. So race is relative and a type of label. Where does black and white begin? Go to southern Europe and you’ll find many a dark skinned curly haired person who is considered white.

We only need to look at race in America to see that some people who only have a quarter of “African blood ” in their system often regard themselves as black and are regarded as black by some whites. Here we can see that race is truely a social phenomena. This type of thinking goes back to slavery where even the slightest touch of black blood denoted you as belonging to the Negro people and therefore still property of the slave master. So race here relates purely on a historical economical level.

If we study the history of race we can see that Race as a concept did not always exist as it does today. When the European Countries invaded the world western scientists began to measure and classify people. Thus race was invented! It’s significant to note that people of Indian descent (many with very dark skin) where classified as caucassion or Aryan.

So why did Europeans classify other people within a racialised framework? Invaders need an ideology of superiority to rule over others. With the rise of the certainty of scientific thinking what could be a better ideology to rule over others than - science. So people began to be classified in many ways - inteligence being one! And it’s no surprise that the white man (i.e. the rulers were put at the top of the tree with this). Various measurements were taken to prove this point e.g. skull measurement.

Of course the whole dicussion of the black man having a larger penis and being stronger merely added to the ruling ideology as this made the black man more animalistic. And therefore his white master had a duty to rule over him. And so the white man’s burden was born.

Now i’m not saying black men are bigger or smaller. Perhaps there’s some truth perhaps not much. However, perhaps the above helps us to realise why we are so fixated with racial differences. Race is historically deeprooted in all all our psyches. This ideology seperates us from our own brothers and sisters.

Now black white or yellow let’s all PE together.


By the way I don’t think this conversation is racist it’s quite understandable to have this conversation living in social climate that we do. You could say it’s racist having a concept of race itself as race tells us that people are genetically different. Now to have differences in people you must discriminate logic tells us this. And let’s face it this site is about dick size so, any conversation about race will be in relation to dick discrimination.

Also while this topic has been bought up many times before it helps to start up this debate so us newbies can have our say. Just my opinion

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I’ve done some research on the topic of penis size in general, like many in this forum. The majority of the data from what the scientific community would consider good studies (Recent Kinsey Institute reports, and a host of others) found out that basically, nomatter the race we all have the same average size flaccid and erect penis, which last I checked came to about 5.5 inches erect, BPL. Girth I don’t have any data on. There are MANY bad studies out there however, that would try to prove otherwise, especially the “surveys” (Durex) where guys basically just tell their size without it being actually measured.

On the topic of porn, as previous posters mentioned, forget any reasonable estimation of size, for any race. I’m sure we all know that the majority of production porn (in the US anyway, and from what I can tell europe) uses special effects. I will never forget the time I went into a little sex toy shop near my town and found a man with a jeweler’s monacle staring intently at something he was working on. It turned out to be a penis extension for a porn film! The little old guy was looking at the picture and sculpting/painting a penis extension that would be very difficult to tell was fake! He told me that it would put put on by the star it was created for and then using make up tricks that are not out of place in horror movies, made to look like a part of his body! Next time you see what looks to be an impossibly huge penis or cumshot, it just might be!

As far as race goes and “black” porn, remember that there is the stereotype you’re quoting. People expect black guys to be big, so the industry makes movies that excentuate this. Likewise if you pick up a title named MONSTER COCKS or CUM FEAVER you’re probably looking for something over the top.

Just my too cents.

Nice post Xaeos. I’ve looked at the Kinsey report before and I’m sure it was criticised to hell. By modern standards it just wasn’t scientific and flawed with inacuracies and bad methodologies.

Anyway you’re right about black men and porn. Lets face it what porn film would sell if it was black guys with average sized dicks? Or even slightly larger than average.

Just think how the power of the penis keeps people feeling insecure. Many men feel bad if they’re not the BIGGEST, never mind average. Not a good psychological state to be in. Now just think how every black man must feel! Not only does he have to be big but he has to be bigger than every white man otherwise his ego and sense of worth are compromised. An impossible task for most to live up to. What repression!


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