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Hi everybody,

I’ve been reading some threads and since I arrived there are a few questions I can’t get out of my head.

Among all the members who start PE - stretching, jelqing or hanging, it dosent matter - are there many who quit? Who desist after getting no results?

What’s the percentage of people who really get the results? For how long do PEers continously do their routines, months or years?

Are results continous if you dont stop PEing?

Many questions, but I think they are quite intersting.

That’s it, I’m waiting for replies.



Unfortunately people who give up don’t normally hang around to post, so getting a percentage would be impossible. There are some people who gain very slowly though or go for a long time without gains but do carry on and do see results in the end, so there must be a number who don’t gain and give up.

Most PEer take a fair amount of time to reach their goals. It depends what the goals are but its probably best to count in years.

Results are never continuous and if you don’t adapt your routine gains will just stop. Hangers need eventually to add more weight, jelqers need to add more stress, maybe more and harder stretches.

There are also a number of cases of guys stopping PE and their gains falling off after some time, so permanence may be an issue for some.

I know I’m not the only one catching the summer bug!

It feels great outside and I could only bring myself to hang 2hrs today.

That might not sound bad for a days work, but it doesn’t feel great knowing your goal was 3 or 4 hrs.

***leaves the keyboard weeping to grab a cold one!!!***

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Originally Posted by memento

There are also a number of cases of guys stopping PE and their gains falling off after some time, so permanence may be an issue for some.

That’s kind of a disappointment to read that. Hopefully I won’t be one of those guys. By any chance, does anyone know how common that is?

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Common is hard to judge. There have been two cases I’ve read about.

My own experience is that I stopped my main PE effort about 16 months ago. Since then I’ve done about 2 weeks of hanging (not continuous) and about the same for jelqing (maybe a little more but at max 4 days in a row) and 1 month of ADS. I think I’ve dropped back slightly but not back to my official measurement and I’d put my drop more down to a lack of daily kegels than a loss in the deformation caused by PE.

But cementing your gains means that your gains should remain permanent, correct? So any loss in length or girth will be minimal for most after quitting PE?

NBPEL = 6 (27/4/04). Aiming at 7 inches for now.

We don’t get a lot of posts from people who’ve stopped PE’ing, so general trends are hard to prove. The experience in the main seems mostly to be minimal loss of cemented gains.

The dick shrinks through time anyway, and if you’re not putting such intense pressure on your cock all the time it’s only natural to assume your erection level will drop too.

As for how long it takes, I’ve been doing this shit for over a year now and have finally admitted to myself that I’m gonna be doing it a whole lot longer to reach my initial target (the hallowed 8 x 6) but I really enjoy a good dick work out, and my wife likes watching :D

Welcome to the wonderful world of PE pedrobilau……..were only the persistent get big !!

How would we know who quits? They’re quitters. :)

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