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Quick Questions

Quick Questions

im kinda sore but not too much from yesterdays 30 min power jelquing session and i dont know if i should do it today… So should i deal with the pain or rest and make a 1 on 1 day off schedule??

o and by the way i have a 14 yr old brother who’s quite mature for his age(you’d think he’s 16-17 because of his muscle, hairyness and face) and he wants to start PEing but im not sure if he should or not because his young ass gets laid all the darn time by 18 year old seniors lol and he wanted to know if it was safe for him so if anyone can tell me if this is dangerous or not id be grateful.

im tryin to grow my willy before i go off to college next yr do u think i can get my 6.25x5 BPEL willy up to 8x6 BPEL with this routine:
30 min PowerJelquing(still deciding whether to do everyday or every other)
BTC ADS that i made( using velcro,a belt, a wire, and a soft cloth ) for as long as i can, time can range anywhere from an hour to 4 everyday.

thx in advance everyone here kicks butt. im glad i found the “cult”

PS. ive been PEing for 4 weeks with a 1/2 inch gain in length since then

What is YOUR age?
Please read the forum guidlines:


Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

im 18…senior in high school

30 min is a long time with the PJ.

You’ve made some early gains but seems like you are headed for an injury if you don’t use some common sense and keep your workouts shorter till your dick is more conditioned. Your younger brother will probably gain naturally without pe. I don’t think I’d recommend this to a minor. If he injures himself on your rec then you have all that guilt. He should be an adult and make a decision when he is capable of full self responsibility.

I can see that you still haven’t read the forum guidelines.

I recommend that you do otherwise a less patient moderator may make you an ex member

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

As luvadus already asked, please read the guidelines. They indicate you must make an effort to communicate as as adult by ditching the shorthand chat-speak and capitalizing and punctuating appropriately. Perfection isn’t required, but an effort is.


alright guys I’ll make my PJ session shorter. By the way im not using the actual device im just doing hard ass Jelqs with my thumb and two fingers for 3 second strokes which leaves me pumped and leaves my skin VERY stretched at the area of the circumcision mark. I just heard about the PJ device today so im just letting you guys know that i wasn’t talking about the device. Someone told me that a PJ is a hard 3 second jelq, but whatever now you guys know i wasn’t talking about the device.

Oh and im sorry about the crappy post. And ill read the guidelines.

Ok, whether or not you were using the PJ devixe 30 min is a little long for someone only into this for 4 weeks. 20 min or so and 10-15 min of stretch should be plenty. Add a few min a week If yoiu like, but I don’t suggest more than a total of 45 min of jelq per day an maybe 20 - 25 min max stretching. You should feel a light sorness but pe should NEVER involve pain, if it does you are doing something wrong. Hope your gains keep coming!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

ok thx luvdadus!

thx? Evidently you have not read the guidelines. Now before I get cranky, please do so. I’m one of the nastier spelling cops, and you have been asked a couple of times now.

Slang terms are frowned upon here, if not down right discouraged.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

so im getting bitched at for saying thx…well SORRY.

If you fail to read the fucking guidelines and use appropriate capitalization and avoid chatspeak shorthand you are asking to be an ex member. The very next post without appropriate (at least an attempt) at guideline compliance and you are an ex member - got it?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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