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Quick Question?

Quick Question?

What is the maximum jelqs a day recommended by some of you veterans?

For me 30 min is enough

Originally Posted by Tailz101
What is the maximum jelqs a day recommended by some of you veterans?

I’ve never counted or set a time min/max after the first few weeks. In my opinion PE works best when we slowly build up and learn what works best for each individual.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Okay, I am going to share my philosophy and theory to the way I believed that PEing worked for me and I will just explain the Jelq philosophy.
This is all very simple. PE, all it takes is one KEY thing with a several key bullets below. I will share this with you. I shared this with many but many want to read what they want to hear. This is my Philosophy and Theory of the way I operate. The key to all of this is having the right Mind Set. My wife and I came up with this when we first started my PE regiment. I also feel we made an Art and a Science of how we were going to pursue this. Here is what our Key with the categories underneath

Have the Right MIND SET is the main key that opens the other keys and they are:
o Dedication
o Consistency
o Focus
o Concentration
o Most importantly, To ‘Believe’ that everything you are doing during the exercise is working for you.

This was my jelq exercise.
You guys do not need to do that many jelqs. I have read of guys here doing anywhere from 200 to 300 jelqs. What a waist of time. If you do quality jelqs, you don’t have to do so many, simple as that. I did quality jelqs all the time and I am still 6.375 erect girth and I haven’t PE’d in years and have not lost any gains, although I wish I would, but that is another story.

Quality Jelqs! not Quantity Jelqs, Quality!

So do you guys want to know what a Quality Jelq is? I will explain. Some of the older vets do it this way as well. I always made my PE a study and to know what was going on during PEing. I learned focus and concentration during each exercise just knowing and feeling what exactly is going on; and what I am feeling and where I need work. I changed my mind set which meant dedication and consistency, and to believe everything I was doing during the exercise was working.

Quality jelqs are not about time, it is how you do them, and yes focus is key. I don’t jelq anymore or have PE’d in years, but here has been my observation reading many threads and posts of member’s jelq workouts. Many members try to see how many jelqs they can do in an hour and try to reach that same number the next time they resume their jelqing exercise. What they are failing to do is focus and concentrate if they are getting all they can from ONE jelq. This is what I mean, jelqing to fast from base to glands forces the blood to quickly go right back down to the base and as a result, the jelq isn’t fully finished, because of lack of pressure because of the speed of the jelq.
This was what I consider a quality jelq. First of all, everybody has a preference as to what state of erection one should be, and that is entirely up to the person doing the exercise and how their unit is feeling. This is very important. I preferred my unit to be almost erect. I would do the o-ring grip around the base of my penis with my palm facing me not squeezing yet, pushing towards my pelvic bone as close as possible stretching the skin towards the bone as well. Tightly squeeze the grip and slowly slide the grip up my shaft to the glands, being aware of what was going on and what area need more work. I will get to that one in a bit. As I slowly reached my glands I held for a bit and quickly started the next jelq not to loose blood pressure and do the same paying attention to what area needs more work. Once you are accustomed to this way of jelqing you will know what area needs more work by the amount of pressure you feel in that area. You will feel pressure but maybe not as much pressure as you would feel in other areas of your penis. This is where you need more focus on the weaker areas. You will slide your tight grip slowly to that area and I mean slow and hold for a few seconds then continue the rest of the jelq slowly. You will feel pressure, but you will learn to ease up if necessary, because you can get the infamous red dots. When easing up, do not let too much pressure out but just enough to continue. Of course this going to hurt a bit, but so does clamping, pumping and hanging.

This all pretty simple and you will always be aware of what you are doing since the jelqs are a very tightly squeezed and slowly taken to the glands. As mentioned it is important to start out correctly. Place the o-ring grip around the base of penis, palm facing you not squeezing yet, pushing towards the pelvic bone as close as possible stretching the skin towards the bone as well. Tightly squeeze the grip and slowly slide the grip up the shaft to the glands. Lube works very well with this but not necessary, (I will get to this one in a bit). After 20 of these you will notice how swollen your shaft will be. This is not a race for time nor is it a competition of how many one can do in a certain amount of time. It is all about concentration and focus. If it takes a person 300 jelqs in an hour to get what I got with 20 in less than 10 minutes, then that is their problem. I just know that I am not fatigued nor is my unit when I consider that my unit has had enough for the day. Plain and simple. If I feel like 10 more fine, but I never over did it, and I was always aware of what needed work if at all. I didn’t waist any of my time, I treated jelqing like an art and a science. You can probably do 4 to 5 jelqs a minute. That is if you do not need work in different areas of your penis.

Let’s talk about lube. It is only my belief that dry jelqing can cause Turkey Neck, which means the scrotum starts to climb up the shaft of the penis. I recommend wet jelqing. If you use a lube, get a very good one, but this is what I used. I jelqed when I showered using hair conditioner as my lube. The way I saw it, if the conditioner didn’t give me dandruff then it should be okay on my penis.

This is what I consider a Quality Jelq. It worked for me. I hope this helps or gives some insight to what you may want to customize for yourself. Guys, PE is very simple. Not only did I reach my goal, but surpassed it by a long shot. 8.5 BPEL X 6.375 EG, haven’t PE’d in years.

This was just my Jelqing Technique using The Right Mind Set. I used The Right Mind Set on my other exercise as well. PEing does not have to take a lot of time. I hope this helps.

Thanks everybody for their input! I really appreciate it. I personally have been happy with my method and have seen gains. Like TNT mentioned, quality. I’ve been doing about 60-80 every time I jelq but slowly and surely. I was just asking cause I’ve seen people go up to 200+ a day.. And I just thought it was a norm, to keep increasing your jelqs every week or so but I have learned by your guys replies. Thanks!

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