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Quick Question

Quick Question

So, I’m trying to figure out if I’m having some ED issues. I can’t seem to get it up by watching port. I can only seem to get hard by physical contact. Anyone else have this problem? I remember being a teenager and getting it up randomly several times a day. Now I have to stroke. Comments? Suggestions?


Welcome to getting older :D

Seriously, a big part of an erection or any sexual activity, is grey matter (your brain). In your case, and many of us as we get older, the brain is just saying that fake boobs having fake orgasms doesn’t “do it” for you anymore. Now if you had said something about not being able to perform with a ‘real’ partner, then you might have something to worry about.

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I believe that arousal is both something physical and emotional. I do not believe that you are faced with E.D issues I believe that porn is just not your cup of tea.

If you still think that you are having E.D issues then you can perform the Stamp test.

The Stamp test is performed by sticking 2 stamps (or 1) on both sides (or 1 side) of your penis when it is flaccid before going to bed.
The next morning when you wake up check if the stamps have fallen off your penis. If that is the case you are not suffering from E.D as you had nocturnal erections (Erections that occurs when the body and mind are fully relaxed). If not repeat the test and if you still do not get any result go see a urologist.

Take care.

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Originally Posted by danomyte
I can’t seem to get it up by watching port.

Me too!

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