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Quick Question.

Quick Question.

I have been jelqing on and off for a year and I have never measured girth before but I have noticed some extra weight down there. When I first started to jelq I got the red dots on the glands and like you guys have said they faded with experience and as my unit strengthened. I have recently been working in clamping every so often and no red dots have appeared. I took off this weekend because it seemed like I was over training when I proceeded to jelq or clamp it felt like overkill.

This morning I started up again with a great jelqing session and I started to notice red dots on the shaft here and there. My question is do you guys think that these red spots are an indication that new areas are responding and getting the engorgement needed to stimulate girth?

Thanks in Advance!

I think you broke some capillaries. Back off a bit.

Originally Posted by gprent
I think you broke some capillaries. Back off a bit.

Yeah, don’t use burst capillaries as a positive sign. They aren’t particularly negative if they are small, but certainly not a necessary indicator of proper technique. Many attribute permanent discoloration to frequent capillary breaks.

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Are capillaries bursting the same after effect when a new person first attempts to jelq? (Small red dots showing up at the Glands)


Alright Then I’ll back off a bit.. I’m doing 300 jelqs a day Mon - Fri and sometimes clamp for 5 min in between jelqs sets.

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