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Quick question - where do I find these exercises

Quick question - where do I find these exercises

Hey guys - I’m new here so be easy on me. I’ve looked around and read the faq.

Few things

1- where do I find the newbie routine, I searched for it and theres tons of responses.

2- where do I find what the terminology means? Ie- what is there a list of all the exercises somewhere?

Thanks to any who take the time.

The count

Look up at the top of this page.

Find the link that says “Newbie Forum.” It’s right up there between “Public Forums” and “Quick question - where do I find these exercises.”

Click it.

At the top of the page in very big letters will be the thing you’re looking for. Follow that link and read everything on the page and follow all of the links and read them, too.

No, don’t link it. That’s too easy. Make him at least look first.

I really don’t see how we could make it any easier to find.

Make it flash on and off?

That’s pretty effective. Annoying, but effective.

It wasn’t flashing on my Safari browser (Apple), but it does flash on Firefox.

Now if we can just get Thunder to put it at the top of the front page. :D

Good idea!

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