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Quick question regarding skin soreness

Quick question regarding skin soreness

I’ve been doing the newbie routine since last week (Monday) - today was my sixth workout. As a result, my skin is fairly sore. It’s not visibly irritated, but somewhat sensitive to the touch. Interestingly, the skin on my balls is the same way.

I’ve searched on soreness and the threads I found said general soreness is normal while the penis “toughens up.” However, my concern is two-fold: 1) it appears to be getting worse; and 2) although not at all painful, it is an all day discomfort and is beginning to impact my PE, as today’s session was difficult to finish. My intensity has been moderate at best, so I don’t believe I’m over training, although I’m too new to know for sure.

Anyone have any thoughts on whether this is normal? Any of you experienced something similar and solved it? On a related note, I’m using vaseline for my lube for jelqing. Is there anything else any of you have found that does a better job at preventing irritation? I’m also using A and D ointment for the irritation, since we happened to have some. If there is something better, I’d love to know about it.

On a more positive note, the length gains keep coming. I started at 7.25 bpel. Today, I measured 7.875 bpel. Whether this is due to newbie gains or harder erections, I’ll take it!

Thanks for your help on this.

Perhaps the Vaseline is a little thick for starting out. Baby Oil might be less irritating for you.

Personally, I like using a water based lube like the Target or Wal Mart brand of KY, but to use these lubes, you must have a bowl of warm water handy to dip your fingers tips into as the lube starts to dry. After the initial lube application, no more lube is required, only a water chaser.

I almost forgot. How long are you jelqing for? At this early stage, you only need about 10 minutes to start getting used to the exercise.

Thanks for the reply. I’m jelqing for no more than 10 minutes - 150 strokes or so.

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