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Quick Question on the V-Stretch

Quick Question on the V-Stretch

Are you supposed to have an erection when doing the V Stretch?

Nope, erect stretching isn’t supposed to be a good idea.

Don’t remember why but don’t stretch erect.

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I have heard the same but I can’t back it up with any specific knowledge. Could be fact or rumour but best to air on the side of caution

Erect stretching has a really high injury risk. It should be avoided, the only blood that is allowed is some blood in the glans to improve the grip. When you stretch, the glans will not be stretched.

Aside from that, the penile tissue is way less adaptable when stretching erect and stretching erect is much harder to perform than stretching flaccid (unless you get bothered with erections when performing PE).

Thanks for the quick replies!

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