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Quick not so newbie question

Quick not so newbie question

I started looking at thunders a few months ago when I realized I was unhappy with my size. I started doing a routine and it was working, I got much better EQ, and with losing weight on top of my routine I gained roughly a 3/4” in length (BP) and just short of 1/2” in girth. Recently I haven’t been doing much of a full routine at all, I’ll jump in the shower and right away I’ll stretch and little and fondle myself or whatnot (warm up) and then toward the end of my shower like 8min later I’ll do some more intense stretches, and some mildly intense jelqs at roughly 30-65% EQ. I for sure haven’t lost anything.

My question for you guys is, do you think I could see some long term gains if I keep doing this?

For one, it’s SUPER quick and effortless to be able to do it in the shower for the privacy and time issue.
Second I feel like any gains I achieve will take little or no cementing because of the lack in intensity of the workout.
Thirdly, do you guys have any suggestions as to what would make it more effective while keeping the first two issues in mind?

The way I see it, this shit takes time, and a lot of it. I’m only 19 so I have my whole life for sexual activity, I feel like I can be satisfied knowing that I’m gaining everytime I take a shower. Plus the fact that it will maintain your sexual health even after any major gains aren’t possible. Also considering that I shower everyday, sometimes twice so it’s a very consistent routine that I won’t forget about because I’ll be standing naked washing myself.


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You’re wasting too much water if you’re doing a good PE workout in the shower :)

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