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No - no continuous pumping needed.

If you get a good airtight seal between the base of your penis and the cylinder, the vacuum stays at more or less the same pressure you originally pumped up to. You can then disconnect the pump if you want to and wash your dishes.

You may have to “refresh” the pressure now and again if say the cylinder slipped somehow - just connect the pump again and it will show you what pressure you are at.

When I read I keep the pump attached. When I wash dishes I disconnect the pump.

But depending on my mood, I may just sit around and watch porno rather than something productive.

To be honest, a lot of my at-home to-do list involves computer work (non-porn! :P), so I wouldn’t need to move around a lot.

Fg: 4.5", Bpfsl: 5.0", Eg: 5.0", Bpel: 6.25"