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Quick kegel question

Quick kegel question

It’s been a while and I seem to have forgotten. Are these meant to be done erect? I’ve been doing them flaccid all this time, not sure if that’s proper. Also, what tempo do you guys use? I typically hold each for about 10 seconds.

Flaccid for 10 seconds is fine. Absolutely no need to be erect. Some do the 10 second thing, others try to hold it for as long as they can claiming times up to two minutes (which I find hard to believe). I do about 100 five second Kegels two or three times every other day, if I can remember to do them. :)

At one point I was able to hold them for 2 minutes actually, but I’m sure the strength I was holdign with decreased. Also, it didn’t mean shit when it came to stopping ejaculation, because it still apparently wasn’t strong enough (my bc muscle). Usually I would try, and while the ejaculation began it would start uncontrollably tightening and releasing, and then I’d lose. Got to get that down.

I hope it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting while doing the kegels, because I mostly do them while driving.

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Unless you’re sitting on a bicycle seat and compressing the muscles involved, I don’t think your position makes any difference.

Oh please! I do mine while pole vaulting, and I’ve never experienced anything abnormal.

Heres a workout offered here on Thunders. I couldn’t find the link however.

Kegel as hard as you can for 10 minutes for 5 seconds.

Then afterwards, kegel for 10 minutes with each kegel lasting as long as you can.

First excercise builds up strength, second excercise builds up endurance.

1 day on, 1 day off. Since your working out the BC muscle, rest is important as well.

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