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Quick Jelq Question

Quick Jelq Question

According to advice on this board, you should be clamping with your second hand as the 1st hand reaches the close the the glans.

The problem for me is that the jelq causes excess skin (and I guess some fat pad) to be stretched up towards the glans thus making it difficult to clamp the base of my penis with hand number 2.

Would it be sufficient to take the second hand out of the equation so that I can be assured of a good grip at the base of the penis?


There is such a thing as a one handed jelq where you only do it with the one hand! I’m not sure if it isnt as effective, I am also a noob and I only know through reading what I read on these forums! So go and have a read before you start if you are new.

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I have been jelqing with only one hand and it has been effective. I am very happy with my gains :)

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Because I dry jelq, I exclusively use one hand. Just kegel between strokes to keep the engorgement (two exercises in one!). I frequently kegel every 2nd or 3rd stroke, but it totally depends on my level of arousal and what I need to do to maintain the right level.

I alternate hands after each jelq. No using hands as clamps or anything. Do what feels good.

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Originally Posted by aom91
I alternate hands after each jelq. No using hands as clamps or anything. Do what feels good.

You got yo keep one hand moving up the shaft at least to maintain even pressure.
One handed jelqs seem to work well, for those who do that.

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