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Quick Intro

Quick Intro

Just saying hello formally to everyone. I guess I still have a little longer before I’m a big boy and can make my own posts ;) I’m not new to PE. I am a girth guy though. It’s all I care about frankly. I started PE a few years ago at 5” non bp erect length, 5” erect girth on the shaft. I’m currently at 7” non bp length erect and 6.25” erect girth on the shaft. My target is 7” of shaft girth. I clamp 4 days a week usually. 4 on, 3 off most of the time unless something comes up. 30-45 minutes daily of clamp time. I started low and slow with one clamp and simply staying aroused and engorged while clamped. Now, I use two clamps at the base right on top of each other, pressed to the pubic bone. I start flaccid, and go from there. I use exercises such as one handed ”Uli” squeezes and two handed squeezes while clamped. The two handed squeeze is basically a ”Uli”, but the second hand squeezes the glands in unison. I hold each squeeze for roughly a minute at a time. Engorgement is always the goal during a session. Each set is 15-20 minutes with about 5 minutes of rest in between where I let myself go totally flaccid. I’ll add pictures to the progress forum when I am allowed. Thanks for reading.

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Hello, and welcome to the board Walywrld.

May I make a quick suggestion? Paragraphs help others read faster and easier, so in the future, if you don’t mind, press enter here and there after a dot. Thanks in advanced, and once again, welcome to the posting side of TP’s.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Nice gains. Did you ever hang?

Very nice gains!!

I always feel very good to see people who has benefits from PE like you did. Since I am new to the game and I didn’t see any gains yet (YET I believe it’s possible), if you could describe your old routine in details so me and a lot of beginner could benefit from your experience. Please describe in as much details as possible.

Welcome to Thunder’s, see you later…

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