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Quick Hanging Question

Quick Hanging Question

This is my second week of PE, started manual exercises last week. I fiquered I’d start hanging this week, just some light weight (3 pounds) with a couple of 10 minutes sets. After assembling a bib I began my sets, aside from the intense pull on my ligs (which I believe are to be very tight) I felt a sharper pull on what I would guess would be my left lig and my dick would also twist a bit to the left side. Is this because that lig is alot tighter than my right (If so this would explain the reason why it hangs to the left)? Is there anyway to target that lig or should I just let it stretch until it reaches it’s neighbors length?


I would just let nature run the course. It didn’t matter how straight and perfect the set up would be, it would always favor twisting. The concern for the hanger running toward one side quickly went out the window and I moved on to more relevant concerns.

I have been doing PE exercises for just about a year now. Just a thought- you might just want to stick with manual stretches and jelq’s for a while. Many people gain a whole lot when they first start by doing the most simple exercises. For instance, I gained a 1/4 inch just last summer, and had only gained a 1/4 inch the following 7 months of hanging.

Of course it is different for all people. If you have a future in hanging gains, I would hate to be the one to stop them, but some manual stretching and jelqs for four or five weeks might be the way to go. Over time I have read that it would be good to measure your piece every two weeks in the early stages of PE, and once your newbie gains have consistently stalled, then it will be time to switch to a different routine.

But for your question at hand.. I had experienced some tension on the right side of my unit/pubic area when hanging for lig gains. I did let nature run it’s course for most of the set, and at the end of each set, I GENTLY!! Swing the weight ever SO SLIGHTLY from side to side and you can almost feel the stress loosening the tougher lig. IF you try this, TAKE PRECAUTION.anyway, this is what I did, and after a few days I would get any even pull across the pubic area


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