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Quick gains Help please


Its whats between the ears not just between the legs

Of all the things that are mentioned here, your mental state and positive additude are still the most important aspects of PE, pick what is confortable to you and stick with it for a while.

CWCLARK; Begin_11.11.2010: BPEL=6.5; BEG=5.2

Current: BPEL=7.87(20.00cm); BEG= 6.06(15.39cm): MSEG=5.75(14.61cm). Volume=20.9 (53% increase)

GOAL: BPEL=8.0; BEG= 6.5: MSEG=6.0

Originally Posted by Crabman99

Damn PE, it’s too much of an art form and too little of a science :(

Actually, it’s more like a science than an art since it relies on well measured observation, analysis and adaptation whereas an art would rely on more intuition. I’m not bashing art, and often in PE I have felt intuition has actually been useful, but what has been more useful is taking a scientific approach to it, putting in the hours of research, being patient till you’re blue in the face, eventually you will be rewarded, just like in science! The only difference is this science is different for everyone, since we all have different genetics and penis physiology seems to have more natural variation across the population than any other body part I’m aware of.

Crabman99, I can relate to how your pe journey has started. I began in January this year and the only change I saw the 1st 2-3 months was better erections and more veins. Then I stopped a few months and restarted around mid may and saw my 1st real gain by july.

Be patient and consistent. I think piss pulls throughout the day help too. I’m hoping adding an ads will help me further.

I love my wifes booty. And want to stuff it with the biggest pipe I can grow!

Goal: 8x6

Thanks guys!

cwclark: Impressive gains. If I can do as well I will be a happy happy man! :)

Tweaking: I actually agree. I should have said that PE is an underdeveloped science. And as I am more scientific than religious I don’t like to live on hope and patience… I want a blueprint to success ;)

wordsthoughts: Thanks! I won’t stop. Can’t stop. Just want to reach my first goal soon so I know I am on the right way…

ps My progress thread: Crabman’s intro: stats, goals etc


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