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Quick Few qeustions on Lifting Suplements and Erection Direction.

Quick Few qeustions on Lifting Suplements and Erection Direction.

Now that it is the off season for wrestling for me I’ve began some hard Core lifting,
Using supplements Like No-Xplode- which is a Mixture of Creatine and Nitris oxide.
As well as other ingrediants.


It does things like increase blood vessel sizes and blood flow to muscles,
Creatine fills your muscles with extra water in the cells,
To increase size.

I Also use whey protein which is pretty much straight 25g of protein.

The other day during my lifting routine in my room I decided to swithc off and do Some PE excersizes, ( basicly the Newbie routine) with stretches, dry jelqs and jelq pumps and a few kegels.
Because I forgot to measure my progress I wasn’t sure if it really did make a difference doing my PE workout while supplement efects were in place.

But I started doing the newbie routine two and a half weeks ago or so, and I was about 4.6/7 inches in erect length,
Now it seems I am around 5.5 in erect.
Although it is not the goal I’m striving for just yet,
I feel my confidence in myself has increased greatly.

I believe it could have an effect on my PE,
But if anyone has any advice when using theese products what I should do or anyone who uses the same supplements Id like to hear from you, and if it does work I think it could be a great contribution to another Secret of PE.

There is another question I have been meening to lookup as well.

The other day while taking a PE test to see what style some paysite recomended it asked me which direction my penis pointed when erect, for excample straight out or parrelel- (faceing up toward your belly button)
I checked off Parrelel because this is where I stand. I set my goal for my penis to reach my belly button while erect, which I believe may be 6 1/2 inches for me.

SO if my Penis does point parrelel, or up along my belly is there anything specific I should know about this?
I’m usually quickly confused by the diagram of the Penis and if someboyd could post and help point out what does what to what and how things like- normal stretches and jelqs are effecting me.

And if there is anything specific I should be doing because my penis points parrelel.

Thanx, hope to get some good replies and Discussion.


If your penis is firm and hard position should not matter, some point to the floor, some to the ceiling some straight out.It just may happen that you may point downward more, bigger dick equals heavier dick. Congratulations on the gain. Good luck with your workout program.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

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