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Quick & Easy question regarding Kegels

Quick & Easy question regarding Kegels

I remember reading in Men’s health that you can do too many Kegels. Anyone heard of this?


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You can do anything too much. ‘Too much’ by its nature is more than enough.

The BC muscle is just that, a muscle, and as such you can apply all that lovely body building theory you’ll find in the Fitness forum to it. Its certainly worth building up your kegels.

Personaly I’ve never worried abotu all that and just kegel when I remember (like I’m reading a thread on kegels) and I never go for the burn, that seems to tone it quite adequately and in the end you probably want tone more than bulk.

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You can find a routine you are comfortable…

I use 50reps 5 sec

and 100 reps 1/2 sec

I do this when I remember of it.

I use the BC…not PC: note the difference

reading the nice article on this on board.

I think even during sex it’s nice to use a

good work of BC (i use at 60/70% force)

But sometimes I have done a strong 100% BC flex

and it has worked well (to prevent ejaculation)

Yes I think is better to have a nice comfortable routine

Too much is worse, I think.


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