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Hey, I’m new to this site and to PE itself, and I have a few questions.

I tried jelquing for the firs time today. I did it at a 70% erection and gripped the base of my penis with an ‘OK’ finger grip. I then slowly moved my other hand back and forth (while squeezing) to the point before the glands and back. I did this for 5 minutes and then did a warm-wrap for 5 more minutes. However, now that it’s been more than 5 hours since I’ve done it, I still feel a bit sore down there. Did I do this right? I’m currently 4 and a half inches non-erect and 5 and a half erect and want to gain around 2 inches non-erect. How long can this take?

Also, what is a great routine for nub’s?

Thanks guys.

Explain your Jelqing technique again. Is the hand your griping with the OK grip at the base staying there, then you are using your other hand to go up and down, is this correct? If so, you should be using both hands, in succession, with the OK grip, and rhythmically moving from the base of the penis to the glands, and then repeat with the other hand, Like someone would milk a cow

Your flaccid will increase before your erect length so you are lucky with your initial goal.

Also, Ill let you answer this one, when is it best to perform warm-ups?

Good luck.


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