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Hey , to make a long story short ; yesterday I got an allergic reaction to my penis , it’s a little sore and the skin might peal.Should I continue my workouts? Will this allergy effect my penis skin?

And the main problem is when I stretch my fingers just slide off the head.. What should I do? It happens all the time ! Maybe I should use some cloath or something

I am am absolute newbie to PEing. I would suggest you stop PEing completely for now, maybe only doing Kegels. I bet even the Veterans would suggest the same as me.

Don’t risk anything, guys only have one penis. No-one will risk it.

Allergic to what?

I ain’t gonna tell you the whole story , but the deal is that I didn’t use baby oil to jelq this time.Instead I used liquid soap.. I jelqed , and for some reason I didn’t wash my penis :D and now it’s sore :(

That’s not an allergy. Soap is very drying as well as being alkaline. Don’t use soap for lube.

Stop PE until your skin heals.

OK , thanks.

Now I think this is a good place to ask something.I got these scar like spots on my dick near the foreskin place.I think those are the scars from my circumcision , but I’m not sure.When I’m having sex girls don’t even notice , but when I’m having sex 89% the woman and I are drunk ( yeah , I’m a party lion) .. But those brown spots make me feel bad about my unit.. I don’t know maybe I should submit fotos of them or something. I really want them gone.

Westla90069, is right, you need to stop and heal yourself.

I don’t know what the brown spots are, you may have to submit photo’s,
It could be from you holding your head to hard or the sliding off as you said “And the main problem is when I stretch my fingers just slide off the head”.

The rest is a really good idea at this point.

You mean a dark ring that surrounds your penis at the circumcisn line?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Yes , yes !! And the bad thing is that below that brown ring there are 2 spots with the same color , they look really nasty!

Vanbiggens, are you sure it’s not were your fingers are when you stretch and slide off?

Yes , I’m sure

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