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What’s up guys. I’m new and it won’t let me post new threads yet but I have a question.

What is the proper way, technique, and time for me to jelq? How many days should I do it and how many times? How long should I take off?

Thanks and can’t wait for a response

Originally Posted by Tazbonito
Yeah good point. I’m still learning how to use it. I’ve accidentally hurt her a few times. I haven’t seen your pictures but from your stats, you have a 1/2” more length than me. My wife is pretty thick in the rear, so she can handle the length from behind. But any other position I have to be careful. My problem is girth. I hope that some of my girth gains vanish when I’m done with PE.

I envy you Taz.

Jelqwonder, welcome to TP. You can’t post any new threads unless they are in the newbie forum. When you hit 20 posts and 2 weeks as a member you can start new posts in any forum. Start here. It contains everything you need to know about PE as a newbie.

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