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I have played pretty rough with my penis lately, and my unit has grown from 16cm(6,25)el and 13,5(5,27)eg
To 17,1(6,7)el and 14,5cm(5,66)eg
From jelqing, some homemade weight exercises and very careful clamping.
I like these because they also increase my endurance and overall erection quality
The reason why I have avoided stretching and so on is that I am afraid of decrease my sensitivity and erection quality. Is there any exercises or anything I can do to increase sensitivity and easier cumming?
I have finally understood the impact the mind plays considering penis erections and now I am wondering if there is any literature out there, that you people can recommend on the field.
And how can I be easier aroused?

1 Kegels and masturbating less intense.

2 Start reading about kegels, do a search for more information. Also do a search for multi orgasmic, a side effect of becoming multi orgasmic is better erections.

3 Experiment what turns you on and let your girl do it for you. If you for instance are turned on by lingerie, let her wear it. Also taking zinc supplements will make you easier aroused because your testosterone level will go up.


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