Questions with wet jelq and edging

Hey guys,

Since beginning my routine I have devoted most of it to experimentation, here are some thoughts after my second session. Hope to get some replies before my third session tonight!

During jelqing I introduced kegels. Critique this if you can, when my hand is at the top, right below the glands and before I grip the base with my second hand I do a strong 1 second kegel, then I grip and stroke. I repeat this on every stroke. If this is not the proper way to add kegels to Jelqing please let me know, this is only what I came up with in one session.
What I noticed because of the kegels is that I pretty much stayed fairly flaccid during the whole jelq, talk about erection control! I have read that low erection jelqing has worked for some individuals, so I will give this a try to see if its right for me. Comment if you have experienced gains either way.

Edging. I started edging last week, using my hand I was going for 20 minutes with intervals of intense stroking to ramp it up. Today I decided to switch to a Stamina Training Unit (STU) or fleshlight. I lasted 4 minutes! Haha its very difficult to control and I found myself kegeling to hold back climax every few strokes. I guess there are a few different philosophies with what method works best. As in, should I continue to do it manually and stay right below climax and have to kegel only a few times to hold it back? Or will using the STU eventually accustom my tool to the high degree of pleasure it gives?
Right now I feel I will be trying the STU for now, and if I don’t see any slight improvement in a month or so I may try something else. Id like to hear anyones opinion on this. Id like to note however that manual edging has given me a degree of climax control, this STU is a whole nother level to work on.