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Questions that Have Arisen ... Vets!?

Questions that Have Arisen ... Vets!?

Hey Guys … I’m back again. Strangely enough, it has only been a month and a half since I first started PE’ing and I have noticed girth results. Not staggering, but enough to give me hope. So I am all set with my PE goals and routines. Now I am on to some generic questions:

My current girlfriend has never had an orgasm, but she has tried to please herself on many occasions. Should this be a bad sign for me that she cant please herself?

Also, she has a medical condition that runs in her family where she needs a procedure to have sex “comfortably” —- should I be worried about this as well?

Finally … can anyone suggest condoms that help with lasting longer (aka: thicker)? I usually last about 10 - 20 minutes, sometimes much less, sometimes much more. I am just looking for a helping hand =)

Thanks guys.

I think our female members should help you out with your female questions.

As for lasting longer, 10-20 minutes is pretty damn good. You could always put on 2 condoms and last all night. Or try going to this condomania web site where I have the page on desensitizing condoms picked out:…&iProductID=883

Thanks for the reply gprent … I looked into the desensitizing condoms, but no dice. I dont have the girth to fill ‘em, I got about 4.25” so iI’m on the smaller side. Hopefully someone makes a “snugger” desensitizing condom.

Also - You said to possibly use two condoms. I have heard horror stories of breakage do to friction. Can anyone verify whether this “double bagging” method is safe?

Thanks again.

There are much better ways to extend your staying power then robbing yourself of pleasure.

The kegels you should be doing for PE can also aid in holding back ejaculation, or as i have read and am very interested in exploring, becoming “multi orgasmic”. When your masturbate don’t rush it. When your feel yourself about to cum, grab your cock with 2 fingers just behind the glans on the top and bottom and firmly press.

The best thing in my book though is just have more sex and let yourself pop whenever you want. And really there is nothing wrong with 10-20 minutes if you/she wants more just go again.

In addition if she is unable to give herself and orgasm outside of this medical condition it’s probably mental and I wouldn’t beat yourself up over not being able to give her one.

What exactly is the medical condition?

Regarding the orgasm question, I too think it is likely more a mental barrier than a physical one. It’s not that she’s not comfortable with you, it’s just that for whatever reason she’s not “letting herself go.” My girl never orgasmed for the longest time, so I decided to concentrate my efforts on oral, since it’s a lot easier to make her finish that way. With a bit of time and practice we finally had success, and the orgasms from regular intercourse soon followed. Now she can just grind on me with both our clothes on and finish within minutes!!

The fact that you care enough about satisfying her to inquire here leads me to believe you should have no problems making her cum in it’s own due time. Good luck.

Start Date - March 15, 2004 BPEL: 6.0" EG (midshaft): 5.0" EG (bottomshaft): 5.5" FL: 3.0" x 3.5"

Thanks for all of the advice guys!

Trips: She hasn’t really explained it to me much (embarassment?). What she has told me is she basically has a second hymen or circular membrane that is harder to break then a hymen. She needs to have this surgically removed before having intercourse or it would be incredibly painful. I am not turned away by this at all, and sex isn’t necessarily my initial goal with her. These questions are more generalized in case sex does arise later on.

Also - I am not sure if anyone answered a question I asked about doubling up on condoms. I hear so many different opinions that I can’t gather the truth. Anyone have advice? Also, would a regular condom work without slippage for a NBPEL 6.1 in. x EG 4.30 in.? I have used the “snugger” condoms, but I am not sure if I could be using average size.

Thanks again guys … sincerely.

Wow, a second hymen. I think I read about this once. I would be tempted to say dont worry love Iam doing PE and that thing is dust soon as Iam through :D
But maybe you should read up on this before doing or saying anything further.

You should practise edging if you want to last longer, mastering your own feelings during sex will help you develop hers more


There are a number of methods you can use to increase the time that you can last. The creams are an idea, but they actively reduce the pleasure you receive, so unless your pleasure isn’t important (and you’ll probably find that your enjoyment is as important to her as hers is to you). Also try the thicker condoms which are designed for anal sex, since they will reduce sensitivity.

However, I think that the key is to build up your own control and tolerance through edging, as the others have recommended. I did this without knowing when I first started having sex. The key is to have sex (or masturbate, although sex is much more fun!) until you are about to burst. Before you do, pull it out and squeeze at the base as hard as comfortable while kegeling as hard as you can it should stop you ejaculating. Trips has suggested grabbing just behind the glans, so whatever works for you, works for you.

The more you do this, the more control you will get over the old johnson. Eventually you should be able to get to the point where you can control your ejaculations. I know I could in all but the most extreme situations. However, now I am not so sure, since I’ve been intentionally celibate for the past 3.5 months.

Well only 1.5 months to go before I get to test myself once again!


PS, as for using 2 condoms I wouldn’t recommend it, they’ll stick to each other, creating loads of friction and probably rip each other.

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