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Questions on workout combinations

Questions on workout combinations

Hello everyone,

I have finally finished up my newbie routine am ready for some more advanced work. My EQ improved and gained a little length, but overwhelmingly when I read through these forums I see that girth is king. I saw one posting on a combination of pumping and clamping, which I thought was very interesting, but haven’t seen anything else of the like. I like the idea that there would be an easier time of expansion with a pump after a clamping session or even vice versa. Has anyone truly dove into this and experimented? I know pumping is primarily temporary but who is saying that it doesn’t give you a great push to make gains through manual work? If you can get your penis engorged that much with a pump and then do something to increase the internal pressure wouldn’t that just spur on more gains?

Enough thinking and more doing now. I’m going to start a pumping routine in conjunctions with jelqing as requested by the guides in this forum. But from there I’m going to build into more and more advanced girth exercises seeing the result of each. Time frame being about 3 Months for each incremental change in exercise.

My stats are:

BPL 7.5

EG 4.25 (really want that girth.)

Any advice or information I have missed will be truly appreciated and I will progressively keep updating this post if anyone wishes to follow it.

Thanks for reading


First things first, are you still gaining on the newbie routine? How long have you done it? If you are still gaining stay with it for as long as possible. If not and you think you can handle more advanced exercises, take a look into high erection jelqs. They are hella intense and can potentially add on girth quite quickly. Leave pumping and clamping until you have completely exhausted all possible gains from manual work.

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What aom91 said. You might wanna gain some more length before you go girth though, or maybe thats just me :)

Thanks guys ill definitely weigh those options.

Today I took the advice of Pillars and aom91. I kept to the Newbie routine with slight modification and incorporation or the girth exercises I explained above. May I say that I know I might want a little more length but isn’t my ultimate goal. And I stopped having gains from the Newbie routine about a month back thats how I decided that I had finally finished the Newbie routine. But hopefully the additions and not the total re-invention of a new program will get me moving again. So far it’s felt like a good work out.


Jelqing can and often does provide both length and girth gains.

A study by a British doctor stated gains of up to 1.4” in length and up to 1” in girth from jelqing.

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