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Questions from a newb

Questions from a newb

I’m very new, just started last week. I’m doing the newbie routine.

1. How often can I do my stretches? I know with weightlifting if you’re trying to gain flexibility it’s best to stretch A LOT at first (like multiple times a day for long duration) until you get to a certain level then it’s easy to maintain this newfound flexibility with minimal stretching. Does this apply to the penis?I know that the penis is not the same as muscles. Just wondered if it’s okay to stretch more often.I’ve been really careful not to get overzealous and cause an injury.

2. Yesterday I noticed several small red spots on the head after jelqing. I read that this is common. Does this mean I need to give some time off or is it fine? Does that mean I “over did it”?

3. As silly as this may sound, while I don’t know what my goals are yet, I do know that I want to gain to the point that the Trojan Magnum condoms would fit me (never tried them on but am sure my proportions, 6.2 EL x 5.0 EG, don’t suffice). Anyone have a rough estimate of what size I should shoot for to grow into those? Every time I walk by that isle and see them they seem to taunt at me as if they’re the Holy Grail.

Welcome to Thunder’s Place haveUhadsomedevil Just kidding. Before you get started, please read the Forum Guidelines if you have not.

Lampwick posted this in another thread Before You PE: A Penis Inventory read this first and do a little research and read a lot of the new member threads because there is a lot of new members now and you all are asking the same questions.

Start with the Newbie Routine for conditioning for a few months to condition your unit and to avoid injury. I just mentioned this in another thread. A lot of us experienced quick gains on the newbie. If you start the more advanced exercises you will plateau quickly. Take your time and do it right. Remember, consistency is the key to PE.

Good luck handsonedevil

Handsomedevil,I am 6.25 x 5.2 and I use Magnums because I find regular condoms overly tight and uncomfortable.They say that girth for magnums is 5.25 and aim for that

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