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Questions for a Vet

Questions for a Vet

I have a sharp sort of twinge underneath the head on the TOP side of my shaft. It’s not painful but it’s a noticeable feeling that sort of zaps at like an extremely weak electrical charge of some sort. (best way I could explain it).

My EQ is fine. I have no softness or loss of erections.

Background: While I was out of town I restarted the newbie routine and had a great flaccid hang with great erections for the first few weeks back. Over the last 8-12 months I’ve been researching and refining my technique to see whats works for me. Still not quite sure if I’ve found out or not.

My routine consists of: minimal stretching, and a modified jelqing routine. The way I refined the jelq helps ME keep my unit spongy at the grip. I jelq slowly with very and I mean very moderate pressure mainly on the sides for a long 4 second stroke. When I get about half way up the shaft I create a second grip at the base to trap blood so, ( I don’t know why it works but) I can keep it spongy at my grip. If I don’t do this it feels as if my tunica hardens and jelqing becomes pointless. If I do it like the guy in the videos my penis toughens up like a quirky weird half boner that becomes impossible to jelq with. Every two strokes I’d have to massage it for 5 to 10 seconds to make it fluffy and malleable.

Back to what’s going on. When I got home I spent some time with the girlfriend and had somewhat rough sex a few times over the course of a day and half or so. My penis was sore but it was a good sore. A sore that felt as if my penis was just extra sensitive. It was kind of nice. I had erection that felt like they could break the skin. I decided to take an extra day off of PE just to avoid over doing it. Then resumed my routine. Now that feeling has gone away, and my penis feels normal accept for this weird discomfort on the left side of the base, that radiates a sort of sensation up the shaft that stops before the glans. It doesn’t really hurt though.

If anyone knows if this is a good or bad sign let me know?

Sincerely appreciated,

Don patch

Sounds like an over trained lig. Take a few more days off and then resume if you feel no pain. About rough sex maybe you should lay off the rough sex for a while to.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Thanks kingpole. Much appreciated.

If anyone else has any ideas I’d appreciate it

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