Questions: Erection Level, Kegels, & Fat

Alright, tried looking for these but found nothing. So here goes.

1) What exactly is “60%” erection level? And how do I maintain that? I either go from completely hard to soft but engorged, and I end up having to jerk it a bit to get it somewhere in between. Am I doing my jelqs right?

2) When I Kegel, I can definitely feel the muscle in between the anus and the balls, but I also clench up my butt and my stomach to a small degree. Also, while I hold the muscle, my penis basically starts going down after two seconds. Is this right?

3) It seems like I have a little bit of fat around my groin, I’m a little chubby in general. If I pull the skin around my fat a little, it shows maybe half an inch more. Would losing weight help me reveal that hidden half an inch?