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Questions Concerning Length

Questions Concerning Length

I’m new to PE, and I was just wondering if it was possible to increase primarily length as opposed to the girth of the penis. I currently have a girth of 6 inches (measured mid shaft) but my length is a mere 5.5 inches. I don’t really want to increase the girth that much and want to focus on length for now. Any advice would be appreciated. (However I wouldn’t mind a little bit of girth increase ;) )

Do lots of stretching, in every direction. I usually go for a minute in each direction, like up down right left and straight out, that would be like one set. and then you repeat it.

Should I add jelqing to this? Or would that diminish my length gains?

Do a low erection level jelq.

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Don’t forget heat, and more heat to loosen up the ligs. That’s were you going to make your quickest gains.

At 6” girth you should be working on length and the guys have given you good advice so far. You’ll probably see the best results from a stretch-heavy routine. To sum up the good advice so far:

Originally Posted by elijah_wood
Do lots of stretching, in every direction.

Originally Posted by gameofinches
Do a low erection level jelq.

Originally Posted by Michael34786
Don’t forget heat, and more heat to loosen up the ligs.

So warm up thoroughly before each session. Stretch diligently and vary your stretches. Finish of with 200-300 jelqs at a low erection level. Repeat once a day for a long time.

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Ah. Ok, thanks for the advice.

Dont be worried about gaining more girth as you will always find use for it and you’ll be glad it got bigger. Even if she’s scared of it, just lub it and stick it in and then asked if she is still scared or thrilled.


Do the newbie routine with Low erection jelqs. Once you are done with the newbie stuff you can concentrate on hanging. Stretch in all direction, V-stretchs are kool too

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Ya you can

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