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Questions concerning girth and expansion

Questions concerning girth and expansion

Hey everybody! I have been doing PE since the beginning of July and wanted to ask a few questions.
To put some context to the question here are starting and current stats
Age : 20

5.5in NBPEL
4.5in EG
7.5in BPEL

6+in in NBPEL (Ranges from a bit over 6 to 6.25 depending on EQ)
4.5in EG
7.75in BPEL
8.25 BPFSL

I’ve been doing a very simple workout, which consists of 10 minutes of warm up (via heating pad), about 7 minutes of stretching (15 seconds up, 45 seconds down), a little bit under 11 minutes of dry jelqing (20 5 second reps switching both hands) then 10-20 mins of edging depending on how much time I have, and then I end the session with 10 minutes of warm down.
Since I’ve started I’ve gained about .25 inches BPEL which is awesome. I lucked out having good EL to begin with, but since I’ve always been overweight I’ve never really been able to take advantage of it. Since June I’ve lost about 20lbs (went from 186lb to 164lb, then I took a break in September to get readjusted to college life. Started lifting and exercising once again.)

Now that I gave a little bio to get all the background info out of the way, I was really wondering about girth and penis expansion. I’ve heard a lot of members say their penis expands during manual exercises such as jelq and Ulis, but I haven’t had any luck in that department. Would some of you guys who have had success in the girth department mind enlightening me on how you managed to do it? Is girth gain synonymous with expansion during exercises? Thank you for your time and I appreciate any sort of info you are willing to provide.

And for anyone wondering why my exercise minutes are so weird, I have no clue how they actually got that way. Though I find the time I put my jelqs to gives me enough time to do 100 jelqs without rushing.

Girth will take noticeably longer to gain. You will needs to do girth techniques, bends, ulis, squeezes. Anything to expand.

Ya I usually get massive expansion after a jelq session. Perhaps you don’t have your technique down correctly. I believe expansion is crucial to girth and length gains.

Have you tried the ulli- jelq- bend combo for girth?

Works like this (excuse my bad English :-D)

Work your fella 70- 80% erect, with your left hand hold at the base at your penis (like the uli grip) then jelq sloow for about 2.5” up the shaft.. Your head begins to blow up.. At the same time with your free hand with palm up you push down slow on your head at the same time when you doing your uli jelq 5 sec.. Hold your bend 20 sec.. Relax! Don’t forget push in blood in the beginning of the exercise. When you relaxing do 20 dry jelqs then repeat as many reps you prefer.. Take it slow from the beginning it’s an very intense exercise!

I do this with pumping 20 min and get a huge expand pump after session..

It’s easy to overdo it so listen to your body and take it easy!

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

Sounds dangerous Mr.Lover; erect bends are also dobious as far as effectiveness

20 reps of dry jelqs after three monts are a bit on the low side, add 5 per weeks untill you do 50 per session. As far as girth expansion, a good part of that ‘expansion’ is often fluid build up, so don’t be too much concerned with that. Fulcrum stretches with a thick cylinder can help with girth gains. Edging with a cock ring is another useful addition.

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