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Questions after 3 weeks as newbie

Questions after 3 weeks as newbie

Well I’ve been doing PE now for about 3 weeks regularly. My wife is a cynical person by nature and therefore the last thing I need is for here to know I’m doing PE before I have any results.

So my routine so far has been in the morning as soon as I wake up. It’s all done during my morning shower. I get a 5 minute hot water warm up using the shower directed straight on to my penis. I cup my hand to keep my penis in as much hot water as possible. As I get near the 5 minute mark I start light stretching and pulling my penis out to full length without much strain. I still let the hot water hit it to continue warmup. Then I do about 5 minutes of various stretches. Once I feel warmed up very good I do the v stretches trying to find my ligs and put a some moderate stretching on them.

After that I go to wet jelqs with Johnsons baby oil. I do it for about 10 minutes or so a 3 seconds per stroke. I usually stop about every 50 or so and I think I get around 150-200 depending on how long I go. It’s always tempting to orgasm but I’ve already found that I think it is better not to. There is something about me personally that when I orgasm it’s like my brain shuts the blood flow off immediately and I think it takes away some of my progress. At least it feels that way from the times I’ve done it.

I then warm down with the hot water still going on me while I wash my hair and so forth. It’s a LONG shower no doubt but it’s completely private.

Now a few questions…

The shower works great but I’d like to get more time in. What are the risks/advantages of perhaps doing some stretches for 5 minutes or so two to three times a day? I would likely not get a warmup but I’m thinking i would usemuch lighter stretches than my morning shower. The idea would be to take a bathroom break and use it as a cover to stretch as well. I’m also thinking I could likely get some stretches in before I fall asleep or when I wake up as I could roll over and get some pulling going on. I know that people do all day stretches so i figured manual stretches as much as I could get away with could be a way to increase gains. What are the thoughts on this? My concern is the lack of warmup on the stretches.

Next question is about frequency. I’ve typically been doing 2 days on, one day off. Lately I’ve started on my ‘day off’ doing some stretching. I guessthe question is if there would be much risk in still doing the stretching say 5 days a week but only doing the jelqs 2 days on, one day off?

So far I haven’t been measuring because I want to wait a full six weeks to see if I have any gains. I can say that I think my penis is working much better than before. My erections feel very firm and they stay that way without ‘work’.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Some people don’t even warm-up warm-down. I do 1 minute stretch or jelq everytime I go to toilet. So it’s fine to do some stretching during the day, even on your off days.

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