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Questions about warming up

Questions about warming up

Is it necessary or would it be more beneficial if I were to warm up after taking a break from an extending session with the PMP?

Currently I’m warming up with a rice sock for 5 minutes, extend for 2 hours, take a break to regain circulation and warm up again with the rice sock for 5 minutes before I do another 2 hour extending session.

Always warm up. If possible use constant heat.

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Originally Posted by Titleist
Always warm up. If possible use constant heat.

Thanks for your response, I’m going to incorporate it every session I do with the PMP now.

Yes just like Titleist said use it as much as you can and try to stay relatively hot throughout the duration of your PE session.

I always start with a nice warm up of atlas 10 minutes before any form of PE, and before bed I get my 3.59$ heat pad and throw it in the microwave for 48 seconds and lay it on my junk pointing it upward towards my belly button for the remainder of the night. It has helped immensely with recovery and trusting.

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