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questions about uli-thing


Length First

Go for length first because the thicker you are the harder it is to gain length. Once you’ve got the length you want then concentrate on your girth.


BPEL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | *20cm* (8")

MTSL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | *25cm* (10") MTSL = Maximum Traction Stretched Length

"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

thanks lil !

Thanks Lil !!!
Best regards.


bigbanboo routine


Can you give me a description of your routine, especially the Uli #3. I guess i am one of the few who think girth is more important than length. Maybe thats just because thats where im lacking. I will make my first goal the one that is hardest to achieve, that way i dont get more length when going for the girth goal. Bigbanboo, if you can tell me your interpretation of the Uli #3 how your gains, i would appreciate it.

my routine....

Yeah ! i think too girth is more important, but i’m still short…..anyway maybe i’m only a fast gainer in girth ! so try my version of uli but don’t wait for miracles…
This is my routine:
warmup => 5 min with vapour from a bootle (my Aladdin’s bootle)
stretch => 10 —-up down left right
warmup => 5 min with vapour…..
stretch => 10 —-up down…..
500 jelqs (slow, alternate palm down-up)
uli#3——> this is my uli#3 (ONLY not erect!!!):
1) first i grasp at the base with the ok ring then pull to the shaft till the head is really red and engorged. So half shaft and head are under pressure. This hand stays here to mantain pressure.
2) then, to engorge the other half of the shaft (from base to middle) i simply do kegels (very strongly)…with every kegel u push blood inside. I do 10 kegels then stop few seconds then again (five times).
-Don’t konw how much i’ve gained with this, but i can feel it in the hand greater in girth !
That’s all ! hope give some help :)
Best Regards.


How long have you been doing this. I take it you really havent been taking precise measurements. Thanks for the routine though. I will try it out if what i am doing now does not work.

My definition of an Uli is very simple. It is first, the engorgement of the shaft, 80-95%, followed by cutting off of the majority of blood flow by some means, then, an added amount of pressure is applied to super engorge the tissues.

The cutting off of blood flow and added pressure can be done by a number of means: Manually, Uli thing, hanger etc.

This is the mechanism of growth of all of the squeeze techniques. There is nothing complicated about it.

Note: Simply do not leave your penis in an circulation deprived state for very long. You can do many Ulis by whatever method, as long as you provide a rest and restore circulation every few minutes. The penis in the flaccid state does not have much blood flow. So, in an engorged state, it will receive enough nutrients and oxygen even if circulation is cut off for a while.



I’ve added uli#3 to my routine on the 22-23 of december. Before had about 2 months of jelqs only (started seriously). This month had a long rest of 8 days, cause of an injury…nothing to do with PE…only soccer :) so till now only 14 days on. This month i took no measurements cause i knew i was shorter for the long rest, but since about a week i feel my girth really better, the length is the same. Also flaccid state is great in girth.
I tell u: just try uli#3 !!!! …i’m sure u’ll see results. If u have a “plateau” fase change your program and alternate days on with days off…i think someway the tissues gets used to exercises so there are less effects.


My workout

I did what i thought of as Uli #3. It was a simple jelq seperated into five portions among the penis. Every time i would go from one section to next i would sqeeze hard. I would not let pressure up much at all. I think this is a really good workout. About an hour after i felt really sore at the base. I was trying to get as close to the body as possible, I didnt want to miss any girth there. I was sore enough to worry a little bit and decided to take two days off, i was scheduled for a rest day soon anyway. I have been hanging very big flaccid ever since. I decided to do a girth measurement and it appears that it went up 1/16” at the scar line. I am pretty confident i can get gains now, so I am not so worried. I will keep everyone informed and thanks for all your help. I will try your version of the Uli #3 if this one stops working. Thanks for your help.

If I am not doing Ulis, what am i doing, tihs workout is pretty good.


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