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Questions about the red spots

Questions about the red spots

Hey guys, this is my first post.
Been lurking and doing PE for almost 3 months now.

My problem is that almost always get the red spots right after PE.
Sometimes alot of them!! Maybe 20-30 or so.
They are gone after 24-48 hours but still..
I must be doing somethings crazy to my anaconda.

All I do is the newbie thingy.but with more warm up.
Then some stretching, then jelqing then a warm down.
I don’t think I’m doing things to hard.
It just bothers me..

Any thoughts..
Take care guys, and happy gaining.

Oh, english is not my first language, so don’t make any comments about my spelling :)

Are you getting enough sleep? If yes, then you’re probably PEing too hard, even if it doesn’t feels like it. Only reason I can think of.

Since everyone comments on bad english to others, I would like to compliment you on your grammer and spelling (especially since english is not your first language).

About the spots, I wouldn’t worry too much. Try lightening the intensity for a few days.

"My anaconda don't want none Unless you got buns, hun" -Sir Mix Alot, "Baby Got Back"

I’m not gonna make a new topic, since this one is already at the top.

I have large, purple dots all the way around my member, below the glans, about halfway between the base and the glans.

Are the dots supposed to appear there?

Also, purple is bad isn’t it? What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this? I did feel a lot of pressure past the glans but I see no dots at all. Just a very large purple ring and it has darker purple dots around it

(Yes, I read that they normally appear on the glans, and that if they are purple to rest for a couple of days. I want to know how I can fix the problem so it doesn’t happen again and what I can do to make it happen in the glans and outwards from there.)

Springer. Try doing a longer warm up, and not over doing since you are just starting. Don’t Squeeze as hard when jelqing and maybe do less each day, and have a rest day every 2-3 days

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