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Questions about Supplements

Questions about Supplements

I’ve been reading up on supplements and other things on this site. Then I took a look at my multi-vitamin and the other pill I’ve been taking now that I have started PE. Turns out with the two vitamins I’m taking contain 55 mg of Zinc and 4 mg of Copper. I know this is too much of both of the 2 minerals, but I don’t want to stop taking either one. Would taking this much of these minerals have that much of an effect on me? Also, how much would a pill of L-Arginine or similar pills cost me?

You are taking about 400% the daily requirement of zinc and 200% the daily requirement of copper. I don’t know what the effect of taking too much is.

These are the L-arg tablets I take:

Is L-Arginine the main supplement people take NOX2 or Nitrix for, or is NOX2 or Nitrix better than taking just L-Arginine?

I’ve taken 150mgs of ZINC every day for 12 weeks with no problems

Thanks, I got my Zinc, copper, and other vitamins under control, and I’m taking the normal amount now. About L-Arginine, I picked up a bottle of 500mg today at Wal-Mart (only cost me $4.00 so I thought I might try it for a few weeks :) ). Isn’t 3000mg the normal dosage? By the way, I’m 18 so should I really be bothering with this stuff? And should there be any other supplements I should take along with the L-Arginine?

>By the way, I’m 18 so should I really be bothering with this stuff?

IMO, no. Eat well. Exercise. Maybe take a multivitamin.


I agree with hobby. At your age 3000 mg of arginine a day will probably do nothing but dehydrate you. The only PE benefit you might see is a little better flaccid, and you can get that with super-hydration. Drink lots of water, the more the better.

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Well, I guess I just wasted $4.00 then, glad I didn’t spend anymore than that. I’m 7.5 BP x 5.6 right now, my short term goal is 8.0 NBP, maybe I can hit that before the end of the year, ty for the info.

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