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Questions about Stretching/Jelqing

Questions about Stretching/Jelqing

Ok, for the stretching, I’m uncut, so am I supposed to pull my foreskin back and grab just the head and pull on that? It feels really strange, like as if I’d pull the head completely off, whenever I try…

And for the jelqing, the routines and stuff say “5 seconds”… Does that mean a total of 5 second rounds (the time it takes to do each interval totals 5 seconds), or does that mean from the time you squeeze at the base of your penis to when you relax your grip is 5 seconds?

Thanks in advance. =)

It’s rather 2-3 seconds to reach the glans, from the base.
You can have a look at the Wet Jelq, key frames.

Wet Jelq - Step by Step

So the time it takes for you to squeeze, move to your glans, relax, move your hand back to the starting position, altogether equals 5 seconds?

And someone please answer the stretching question too! Thanks.


Please answer this for me someone… :)

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