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Questions about some exercises

Questions about some exercises

I have been PEing on and off for years (mostly off) I started taking a serious routine about 3months ago with no problems and some good gains.

I have been clamping, jelqing, fowfers, pumping and manual stretching mostly.

After my clamping sessions I don’t have any additional girth or length whatsoever. I am definitely clamping properly. My dick gets very veiny and rock solid and slowly gets darker in colour until I stop after 10 minutes. I found it concerning that I don’t have any temporary growth - is this normal and does it mean I’m not growing from this exercise?

When I finish my pumping session I have a fatter looking flaccid penis which slowly goes back to normal, although when erect it’s no bigger than my normal erect level. I pump at 5-10inHG mostly but have gone up to ~17 for short periods. I do no more than about a 15minute session and normally 2 sets a day. I get HUGE amounts of fluid build up where my foreskin normally is which slowly goes down over a few hours.

Any help or advice would be great. Thanks

Dude going up to 17 sporadically sounds like disaster to me, especially if it has only been 3 months. Vets here agree that noob protocol should be stuck to this early in the game. I’d personally leave the clamping (and maybe even pumping) out for right now, until you get fully conditioned. How much girth and length growth have you seen thus far? How are you PI’s? Do you still have a raging morning wood?

Don’t want to sound harsh, but rarely I’ve seen so much confusion in a PE regimen. It would be like doing 30 sets of bench press one day and a marathon the next day. You need to read a lot buddy and stick to what has been proved to be effective. ‘On and off’ means that, despite the number of years, you still are a newbie.

I’ve gained about 1.2” BPEL and 0.3” MSEG in the last 3 months. :)

I’m not disputing the fact that I’m a newbie.

Marinera: What do you mean ” It would be like doing 30 sets of bench press one day and a marathon the next day”? You’re not being harsh just not making much sense.


I don’t get raging morning wood. I never have done, in fact I rarely get any movement when I wake up unless I was dreaming about sex.

My dick works; it goes up when my partner wants sex and it lasts a solid 20 minutes on average with no problems. To be honest when I used to have sex a few years ago before I had touched PE I would last in bed for hours and rarely be able to finish as I was so desensitized from all the porn I watched (used to masturbate 3-4 times a day). So if anything my performance has improved since PE (unless we want a marathon sex session!)

Clamping and pumping are not for newbies, they are very similar so you should choose one of them or are doing a duplicate job, pumping should be done at less than 10hg and 17 hg is just crazy, fowfers are a waste of time in this scenario…should I go on? It’s your routine that doesn’t make much sense, you are over fatiguing yout penis IMHO. Just stick to a manual based routine and if you like add pumping but doing it properly, not like you want to make your dick exploding.

Anyway - I appreciate your advice and I understand that I am not following the newbie protocol in an orthodox fashion. I am not going to change my routine any time soon so back on topic.

The advice I am looking for:-

Is it normal not to gain any significant temporary girth after clamping or pumping?

Is there anything I can do to prevent the big build up of fluids below my helmet after 2x 15minute pumping sessions?

The answers to those questions would be great. Thank you :)

If you have a look around the forum you will find some members that have made massive girth gains from pumping and clamping combined.

Please note that I only clamp once or twice a week. I try to pump most days however.

Anyone here that can answer those questions? Many thanks.

I’ve been PE’ing for about 18 months and I share he same frustration with pumping … i.e. I don’t seem to get the same “temporary girth gain” that others seem to report. I have just chalked that up to “everyone is different”

Try not to worry about it … and certainly don’t let it lead you to over do your training.

Use the head above your shoulders. If you are getting big fluid build-up below your head after 15 minute pumping sessions … THEN STOP DOING THEM. Your dick is telling you that that is not the best way for you to grow.

Consider focusing on clamping or maybe doing bundled stretches.

Whatever you do end up doing, it sounds pretty clear that you should consider adding a little bit of moderation to your approach

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Current: 7.50 BPEL, 6.00 MEG

Goal: 8.50 BPEL 6.50 MEG

As a newbie who overdid it and tried clamping way too soon my advice is stick to the newbie routine. If you have been on and off but mostly off just do the basics to condition your dick but also to condition yourself into a routine. I had some slight pains after clamping which freaked me out and made me stop pe for two weeks until I felt all better. This has given me a much better sense of how hard to push my dick. If you are patient, set goals for yourself and take the long term view I think that will work the best. Of all the injuries I have read about it is usually someone who is frustrated by not gaining and wanting to go for a quick fix.

I have changed my mentality and now think in terms of months and years, not weeks for my gains. I believe that will help me stay in a good routine which will eventually lead to the gains I want. There is a lot of support in this site and everyone wants to have a healthier unit, not just a bigger one.

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Goal NBPEL=7", EG=5.5"

Hi all I have started doing 10-15min sessions and going with 5inHG max (occasionally going up to 7 for 30 seconds or so) and my dick is coping with it much better. The fluid build ups aren’t nearly as bad.

In fact I have changed my routine again.

All I do now is.. 5-6 days a week: pump 10-15 mins for 2-3 sets and inbetween/after pumping I do 5-15min 70% erect jelq. This is working much better and my dick isn’t complaining any more so I look forward to future gains (pretty sure my girth has improved since)

Oh yea and I tried pumping with a condom at 7-8 for 15 minutes and I didn’t seem to get the donut effect at all so I will use condoms for longer sessions. I’ve just bought an adjustable big daddy’s cock ring so I will put this on during pumping and afterwards :)


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