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Questions about routine technique

Questions about routine technique

Hello. I am new to this and I was curious about some things.. First I am 5.5 x 4.75 I want to gain at least and inch all around. Now I am a father and a husband and I want to surprise my wife by doing this. She says she doesn’t mind but I can shake the feeling that she wants more. Back to my questions. I don’t always have time to keep a set schedule, but I am able to do 3-4 sessions a week with usually 1 or 2 days off time. Will this effect my gains any by not keeping the set schedule? Also for jelqing I was curious what is better for length and girth. What percentage of erection should I have for jelqing? Also I found it slightly uncomfortable to do the jelq they show in the videos. I can do a downward pulling motion.. Is that not getting the same effect as a regular jelq?

Better doing something than nothing, do what you can.

In any case 3/4 sessions a week can fit a 2on 1off schedule.

Jelqing with mid/low erection = lenght

Jelqing with high erection = girth

Go for lenght first.

As per your last question I don’t see any problem jelquing downward.

The concept is that you have to move blood. Apply the pressure mostly on the side of the shaft.

Just for my own curiosity, what’s the meaning of your nick? It seems to be Italian.

It could be “Good daddy” but should be written as “papĂ  bravo”, the meaning of pappa is “baby food” (or “pimp” in slang!) while “bravo” means good.

Greetings from the boot and happy PE :)

Thank you for the help. No the name is just military phonetic for my initials. Nothing too special.

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