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Questions About Progression And Jelq Grip


Originally Posted by Thereisnotry
I stretch for about 5 minutes with pulling in various directions. Breaking up the jelqs now with another 5 minutes of stretching after 200 or so jelqs. Don’t feel overtrained or sore at all. Still have good PIs. I get a good level of engorgement and then just keep it going until I hit 30 minutes or 500, whichever happens first. If my erection level is too low, say 50%, I don’t feel like I get a good workout. Feels like it needs to be 70% to get good engorgement.

How can I tell if I’ve overtrained if the PIs are still good?

If your PIs are good you haven’t overtrained

Originally Posted by bill10
If your PIs are good you haven’t overtrained

That is how I would think of it.

In any case, given your words, my hat’s off to you, T!

I am working now to ramp up my jelq intensity; with some success, I might add. I am also going to find an infrared lamp for deep tissue warming. There seems to be a sizable portion of PEers that find heat to be a crucial element in their gains. But an extremely talented medical practitioner known to me and my wife just purchased an infrared booth for various types of therapy. He told me that even very effectively applied moist heat is still quite a bit less effective than the best medical-grade infrared lamps that are out there. I definitely think that it’s worth a try.


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