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Questions about measuring and other things

Questions about measuring and other things

I try to measure my unit every time after a workout and sometimes just for the hell of it. That where my problem comes in I measure my length with ruler I says I’m 7.5” erect, then I use the measuring tap and it says that I’m 8” erect. So what should I go by the measuring tape or the ruler?

Also when I jelq should I do a 3 sec. pull?

Also if you have a question feel free to ask…

Wow! A 1/2 inch with tape? Do you have a downward erection or something? I don’t think it matters what you go by just be consistent to monitor gains. Nothing wrong with pulling a little at the end of the jelq stroke, IMO.

No I do parallel to the floor. I could be wrong I’m going to re-measure later on today and try to post some picture, I’ll take a picture with the tape measure and one with the ruler. I rather go with the ruler motivates me more.

Ok, I like stomach pressing with the ruler to be sure I get it all. :) Good luck to you.


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