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Questions about condoms

Questions about condoms dick erect is only about 4.5 inches. What condom size should I wear that would fit most comfortably? Any specific brand? And yes, I sound like a newbie haha, but I guess it’s better being safe than sorry!

Best would be to try some out and see if it fits comfortably. Its mostly about the girth of your penis, not the length that matters when it comes to condoms.

Well, condoms are a bit expensive which is why I’m asking O_O.

Like I said, its more about girth than length, regular/normal/average size will fit you fine if you have average girth (4.0-5.25)

Yeah measure your girth and figure it out from there 4-5 and you can wear normal size 5.5 and above you will probably have to get a larger size. has custom sizes (70 I think). They have a fit guide and they sell them in packs of 3 so you can see what works best without dropping big $. The only downside is they have “they fit” printed all over them. I am not affiliated with them in any way but they do fit better.

Good Luck!

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