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Exactly how hard are you supposed to press down when you do a BPEL measurement? I’m not jamming the ruler down or anything, but if I press down with a certain force I am 6.5 BPEL. This would mean I gained .5 inches in like 4 weeks. Just asking, thanks everyone.

I push the fat back as far as possible by pressing as hard as possible. That’s the point. Don’t use one of those metal drafting rulers, though. They hurt like a mother.

Tu ne cede malis!

Start: 4 Feb 2006 BPEL=5.2" NBPEL=3.6" EG=4.9" turtle<=BPFL<=4.1" BPFSL=5.6" FG=4.1"

I just push the ruler as far back until I feel something solid. Right now I have a lot of fat so I push quite aways

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