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If you had sex and came or masterbated n came, how long should you wait to to PE? Like if you didnt do it one day and you were going to and had sex, should you wait like an hour or 2 or does it matter?

exactly 3 days

3 days?

He’s messing with you. I don’t think it matters how long you wait to PE after you ejaculate, just as long as you feel you can get a good enough erection to do your exercises. Some guys actually masturbate before they PE so they can get a more controlled/softer unit to work with.

No it’s got to be more.

Because aren’t you suppose to divide the duration of the sexual encounter by the square root of PI first,
then multiple by the actual distance traveled by the penis during copulation and then add a factor of 2?

Of course a more accurate calculation could be made by measuring the actual volume of seminal fluids released, but that would only be of benefit if you had masturbated into a container that allowed for such measurements to be made.
If you go blow in your S.O. then that makes precise volumetric measurements highly unlikely to obtain.

But then again you could just stay on the safe side and use the ole’ rule of thumb safety margin:
Which is exactly, 3 days.


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Oh shit, maybe my math is a little off :) . Yeah :iws:

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