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What if I decided to do the exercises every day - not taking any days off - or only taking 1 day a week off or somthing along those lines. is there any benefit or set backs to do that? Thanks.

Hey Guido,

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Taking breaks is up to you guido. Many have found that frequent breaks during the week aren’t for them. Others say they need at least a couple days off each week. We often see guys reporting gains after significant breaks (one to three weeks off) which kind of supports the theory that the penis needs rest in order to grow. You might want a schedule where you go at it for two weeks then take three or so days off, then exercise daily for another two weeks, etc. It’s up to you.

Thanks - I appreciate ur replies

ur? :)

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Guido: what the guys are trying to tell you is that we have lot of non-English speakers here. By not using conventional English, you make it much harder for them to translate.

Officially, I’ve been doing my routine 3 on/1 off, 2 on/1 off, but most weeks I’ve only been getting in 4 days of workouts. Don’t think of them as rest days, think of them as healing days. As a beginner, those days off are especially important because your unit isn’t conditioned for the workouts. Trying to do it without rest is a setup for injury. You’re not conditioned, and your motivation is at a very high level.


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