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Hey, do you think there is any difference between jelqing at night before you go to bed and jelqing in the morning when you wake up? I mean most growth took place when you were a teenager when you were asleep.

Also… I don’t stretch a lot mainly because I have to work and don’t feel that leaving to go to the bathroom for 10-20 mins is really a non-suspicious thing. Would it be better for me to get erections rather than just doing nothing? thanks

My only #1 advice to newbies, take a picture of your dick and put it ona floppy. Many years later of PE you'll remember all the good times between then and now. ''There is a word for people who never stressed about the size of their penis — 'women'. '' Starting stats since Feb. 16, 2001 NBP: 5.7\'\' EG: 4.7\'\' Now on Aug. 8, 2003 NBP: 7.75\'\' EG: 5.3\'\'~5.5\'\'

WELL, since I tend to equate PE with other types of body building, I would think the best time to exercise the penis is at a time when the body is in its best condition to react and recover from that exercise. To me, that would be at some time earlier in the day when the body is rested and able to respond fully to stresses placed upon it - just as you would lifting weights or going for a long run…

Opinions will undoubtedly vary - and due to the rather unusual type of exercise involved in PE, we certainly must sometimes adapt in ways that fit our family/social demands. In any case, proper exercise at a less-than-ideal time is undoubtedly better than none at all…


I would do it either before bed or right as I got up. All the down time resting before or after. My schedule is really weird so I don’t have the liberety to do it. Take a book into the bathroom when you go in for 20 minutes. I do my best reading in there. LOL! true though! TT

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