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I tried PE for the first time yesterday and afterwards I had a nice sized black spot on the top of the shaft. Obviously this is either a bruise or blood. Any ideas? Do I need to stop or can I continue. I am skeptical of this as it is. Thanks

It is common to get marks showing up after you start. Usually there are little red pin heads. This is blood, after a while you toughen up and don’t get them as easily anymore. This is like your first day or working out in a gym, this is the price that most of us pay. No need to stop. Make sure you are warming up with a cloth or a sock.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I got a black spot once. It really scared me, because people mostly talked about getting red pin head spots, which I had seen before, but this was a bigger black spot. I took a few days off and it slowly faded away. The day after it first appeared, it seemed to even be a bit bigger, as though it was kind of slightly spreading out. After about a week, it was almost completely gone.

I really don’t know why it appeared, but I am guessing it might have something to do with the fact that I didn’t do a pre-workout hot wrap that day (just a guess). I haven’t had any of those black spots since, but I always make sure to “warm up” before exercising, whether it is with a hot wrap, hot shower, hot tub, or whatever.

Arr, ‘tis the feared Black Spot matey. There be no hope fer ye now :cutlass:

Oh, and welcome aboard!

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I busted a vessel yesterday as well, big ugly black (now Red) spot. Is it just me or do these spots go away quickly cause mine is almost gone. Got it pullin on the tunica. Also I don’t feel any soreness after a work out, I do admit I like to be handled alittle on the rough side by my wife (nothin sicko weird just a firm hand) would that make me more apt to not get sore, or am I just not doing this thing right?

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