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I’m doing since 6weeks jelqing but haven’t seen any results yet.
My routine:

5Minutes warmup hotwrap
15mins stretching
20mins jelqing
5mins warm down

i’m doing 2days on one day off (in the morning)

i also do this cand of stretching since a few days i pull my penis to my ass and i sit on my penis for like 10 mins i do this in the evening without warm up is this dangerous?


Sounds like a good routine.

How intense are your workouts?
Do you have an increased flaccid hang after your workouts?
Do you ever get red spots

> i pull my penis to my ass and i sit on my penis is this dangerous?

no its called a fowfer (see the faq). You should maintian reasonable circulations without a problem.

I hope the fowfer can give me some extra lenght gains i just got some girth gains since i started and alot of foreskin :)

They didn’t work for me.

The stretches and jelqing you are doing should bring length benefits.

Sometimes gains will come quickly initialy, sometimes not.

Remember to progressively increase the intensity of your jelqing, if you are not seeing effects? The post jelq effects should include an increased flaccid hang which lasts for some time (maybe overnight) after your session.

What kind of stretches are you doing apart from the fowfer?

I’m doing the v-stretches, left, right up down forward 2x 40 secs. I have seen alot of more folds in my skin. If my penis is flaccid it is a little bit longer but i see alot of folds in my skin since i started with jelqing.

Best Regards

V-stretches are good but I don’t know about this left/right business, I’m very distrustful of anything that potentially works out one side more than the other, and thats such an easy thing to do subconsciously.

what cand of stretches your doing?

I do the coke can stretch *, which is a modified v-stretch, and modifed asanas * but I think you probably want to look at JAI’s and maybe the DLD Blaster.

I’m just suggesting that stretches focusing on one side at a time may create an uneven enlargement. I don’t think its a terribly serious thing, just doesn’t sit right with me. Thousands would disagree :)

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