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Basic stretching

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I just started three days ago with hanging and I was wondering if you can do both hanging and jelqing? Also do you need to do any sort of warm up before you hang? And can you use duck tape to ?

Hmmm, from what I read, you should not be hanging at all. That will be your ace in the hole or so to speak if gains really stop so I would suggest stop hanging and start jelqing/stretching like the newbie routine says.


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I’ve tried jelqing and it didn’t really seem to work for me tho.

You have only been PE ing for how long? Your membership isn’t even a month old yet… Most guys would suggest waiting at least 3 months maybe 6 before you start hanging, in order to prevent injury.

How long have you been jelqing? What erection levels?

I know, I just recently found this site. I’ve been doing jelqing on and off for probably around 5 months. But whenever I would stop it would be for a couple weeks, and the longest that I’ve gone with out stopping is 3 weeks. Is this why I havn’t noticed anything? And the erection levels are always below 75%

You must have consistency in your routine, a few jelqs here and there most likely won’t give gains, only improved EQ.

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Scipio81, quest for girth

Stretch and jelq until your penis is conditioned. You can also experiment with different pressures by holding blood in your cock and performing other manual exercises. Look them up, there’s quite a few.

Hanging is advanced. What will you do if you rip something inside your penis and can’t get hard again?

I see, you have a point there! Wouldn’t be good at all, thanks guys!

Consistency is the key to any routine be it hanging or jelqing. A couple weeks here or there with any technique is not likely to work.

Focus on jelqing 2 days on 1 day off for a couple of months with some manual stretching. If you aren’t committed to a 30 minute routine, I don’t see how you could commit a couple of hours to hang.

Did no one else pick up on the use of duct tape?! Seems like it would be VERY painful.

As others said, consistency and patience are the keys to success.

Hah the duct tape actually wasn’t that bad, but got ya ! I’ll try an do my best to be consistent. Thanks allot!

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